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M.B.B.A. Invitational

Where the best of the best compete for ultimate glory!

What is the Melbourne Blood Bowl Association Invitational?

The M.B.B.A. Invitational is an annual event to crown that years M.B.B.A. Champion. Players who qualify for the event are awarded an invitation where they compete in a one day event where by which the winner will be crowned that years M.B.B.A. Champion.

M.B.B.A. Invitational


The M.B.B.A. Invitational is a one day, 3 round Blood Bowl 11s Tournament using the NAF Tournament Rules.


Qualification is acheived when a player finishes that years event cycle in the top 8 of all participants. Participants are ranked based on points acrued throughout the year. These points are earned through participation at certain events and a scaled based on how well each player does.

At the end of the event cycle the top 8 players will be receive an invitation to compete in that years Blood Bowl Invitational.

Prize Pool

Prizes up for grabs at the M.B.B.A. Invitational include but are not limited to:

  1. Their name immortalised on a perpetual trophy signifying their achievement as that years M.B.B.A. Champion

  2. Additional prizes based on placing and prize pool

Match Reports

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