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Why Sailor Moon is Still One of the Best Anime Series Ever Made

Given the power of the moon to fight evil, Sailor Moon battles villains like the mysterious Queen Beryl (Keiko Han). As the saga becomes more intense and complex, Sailor Moon is joined on her mission by Sailor Mars (Michie Tomizawa), Sailor Mercury (Aya Hisakawa), and Sailor Jupiter (Emi Shinohara). Meanwhile, Sailor Venus (Rica Fukami) also fights for justice along the way.

Sailor Moon [01 200] [Complete]


Returning to the Season 1 release, VIZ has upgraded the masters and the presentation is now more similar to what was available in Australia and Japan (from the Japanese upscale masters). Unfortunately, the series is still an upscale of native film and it won't look as impressive as a native high-definition scan would. Toei Animation didn't fund a complete and exhaustive restoration of the original film material, which would have provided an even more organic and immersive presentation (as many classic anime series have received).


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