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Download Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens Full Movie

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download ben 10 destroy all aliens full movie

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Later, Ben is seen riding on his hoverboard through a green-colored Bellwood, which he finds abandoned. He stumbles across a figure at a dark corner who he believes to be Max. The figure ignites, revealing itself to be Heatblast, and attacks Ben. Ben escapes, only to then be attacked by Four Arms, Stinkfly, Diamondhead, Wildmutt, and Upgrade. Ben manages to get away from all of them, but the ground collapses and he is grabbed by Way Big who demands his homework. Ben wakes up to find his teacher asking the same question. Ben tries to submit the homework into his teacher, but the moment his teacher touches it the Omnitrix flashes and the homework disappears. The class is dismissed and the teacher assigns Ben a history report. When the teacher grabs Ben's planner and looks through it, he finds an unflattering picture of himself in it, due to which Ben ends up in detention. At his locker, Ben laments that he isn't going to save the world anymore when Cash and J.T. appear and close him in his locker. Ben attempts to transform into Four Arms, but he transforms into Heatblast instead. Heatblast then breaks out of his locker, causing the fire alarm to go off, and flies home. While inside of his house, Heatblast hides in his bedroom when his parents Carl and Sandra arrive. Fortunately for him, Heatblast reverts back into Ben just in time, but his parents noticed that there are burnt footprints on the carpet leading to his room and ground him when he can't come up with an explanation. Ben states that he is supposed to go fishing with Grandpa Max, but his parents stick to the punishment, as they believe that missing one trip with his grandfather won't be a big issue since he spent the whole summer with him. Afterwards, Ben calls Max in the hopes that he's needed to save the Earth and reveals he wishes he was still on summer break fighting aliens around the country, but Max won't help him as he doesn't want Ben to push away his family like he almost had with Ben's father when Max was still fully active as a Plumber.

Based on the original animated series Ben 10. Ben becomes targeted by an evil Mechamorph Warrior, named "Retaliator," who mistakenly blames Ben for something he did not do and attempts to destroy all aliens.


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