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M.B.B.A. 2023: round 3 preview

What a start to the 2023 Premier League season. Three teams remain undefeated, three teams are still searching for their first win and the middle of the pack is up for grabs. With lots to play for and 6 rounds to go this season is wide open. With that said, lets take a look at the round 3 matchups.

Dingley Bypass vs The Osseous Tossers

Our first game features last seasons Champion, Andy Smith duking it out against one of the current undefeated teams, The Osseous Tossers being coached by Jamie McFayden. The Osseous Tossers are one of the breakout teams of the 2023 season. After finishing the 2022 season in 7th they've come out firing, picking up wins in rounds 1 & 2. Jamie is piloting his team superbly so I expect this to be a close match. They keys to victory will be whether Jamie can unleash his werewolves on Andy's backline, or will Andy be able to isolate and contain the werewolves and stifle Jamie's defensive blitz. Andy will be looking for the win against Jamie after dropping the first game to Jo.

Final Prediction: Dingley Bypass win 2-1

Cemetery Dropouts vs The Rotting Horrors

Our next game is an interesting contest between two regenerating teams in Cemetery Dropouts and The Rotting Horrors. Josh has piloted The Rotting Horrors to a respectable season opening with a 1-1 record. He's coming into this game having gained some valuable experience after his 2nd round outing against Andy which he will be applying against Jo in round 3. Jo is currently undefeated as well sitting in 2nd on touchdown difference. This is an opportunity for Jo to solidify a position in the top 2 with a strong performance in round 3.

Final Prediction: Cemetery Dropouts win 3-0

Oof Right in the Wyrdstones vs The Hexoatl Heat

The match between Oof Right in the Wyrdstones and The Hexoatl Heat is an interesting one. Both teams are sitting on 1-1 records after the first two rounds and both teams have the capacity to score a large number of touchdowns. The deciding factor will be in each coaches ability to defend effectively and in this I think Tim's defensive play will give him the edge. The other factor in Tim's favour is that Tim has the numbers to foul effectively which Joe, if he falls victim to some well placed kicks to the groin, will struggle to recover from.

Final Prediction: Oof Right in the Wyrdstones win 2-0

Mork's Maniacs vs The Pantheon

We now come to the battle of the cellar dweller's. Neither team has won a match, both teams are still searching for their first touchdowns, and both are hoping this will be it. Mork's Maniacs have proved to be resilient in the face of being on the receiving end of some vicious matchups during rounds 1 & 2 losing to The Rotting Horrors and The Osseous Tossers. The Pantheon are coming off a frustrating first couple of rounds losing 0-1 in both but should be confident going into round 3 that they can break their scoring drought. This round is a real tossup and should be a close one.

Final Prediction: Draw 2-2

Re:Dead vs Gold Diggers

Our last match of the round features Re:Dead against Gold Diggers. Two of the fightiest, bashiest teams in the competition. Gold Diggers will be intending to make use of their superior dwarven teamwork (guard everywhere) in an effort to grind the Shambling Undead (back) into dust. If Red:Dead can break the dwarven defence line they'll grind out a hard-fought and bloody win.

Final Prediction: Re:Dead win 1-0

Ageing Action Heroes - Bye (1-0 win)

Unfortunately life happens and sometimes coaches have to step away. To this end Ageing Action Heroes will receive the bye for round 3.

Final Thoughts

Round 3 presents opportunities to different teams to consolidate or revive their seasons. Its still early enough for the rough starts to be salvaged and great starts to be ruined. Every team has something to play for and as we head to the midway point of the season we'll start seeing a separation of title contenders or title pretenders.

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1 Comment

Joseph O'Reilly
Joseph O'Reilly
Apr 29, 2023

Greetings, revered followers of the Hexoatl Heat,

In the name of the Great Plan, I, Lord Croak, Slaan Mage Priest, must share with you the tale of a battle that shall be etched in the annals of time. Our warriors, the Hexoatl Heat, clashed with the formidable Oof Right in the Wyrdstone, a team comprising the fearsome Denizens of the Underworld. The air crackled with energy as our brave fighters confronted these formidable adversaries in the treacherous depths, where the spirits of ancient warriors still linger.

It was a vicious and grueling struggle, with blood staining the hallowed ground and the roars of the frenzied crowd resonating through the caverns. Our champions fought with a relentless determination, their every move…

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