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M.B.B.A. Premier League 2024 Season CANCELLED

Let me start by saying this post comes with some mixed feelings. On one hand i'm absolutely gutted to be cancelling the 2024 season. When I started the M.B.B.A. PL my goal was to run it for three years and see how it was faring at the end of the at time. 2024 should hae been that third season but it won't be.

On the other hand i'm cancelling because my life is about to be enhanced by the arrival of my second child! This is a great feeling and one i'm really excited for and if it requires putting on hold a project i'm really passionate about then so be it. This does not mean the end of the M.B.B.A. far from it. We have some big plans for 2025 that we're really stoked to implement which will hopefully enhance the participants experience but for now the league will need to be put on hold.

What does this mean for the remainder of 2024. At this stage I can't commit to anything until 2025. I'm hopeful there will be a 7's event to celebrate and promote Movember in collaboration with the Movember Foundation, but that will remain to be seen. This will also mean that Scott Comber will have to wait another year to defend his title (Sorry Scott) and Jo will hae to wait another year to right the wrongs of last season (Just don't let your Werewolves die. Obiously!) but for now, it'll remain in stasis until such time that it can be re-awakened and unleashed on the World again.

Until then, bye for now!

M.B.B.A. League Comissioner, Daniel Griffin

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