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M.B.B.A. Semi-Finals & Preliminary Finals wrap

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The Postseason started today with two semi-final matchups that guaranteed an entertaining set of games of Blood Bowl. Semi-Final 1 saw The Pantheon v Cemetery Dropouts for a spot in the preliminary final. The winner progresses further into the playoffs whilst the losers season comes to an end. Across the way we have the Dingley Bypass v Jurassic Havok. A win for either team will see them go straight into the grand final with the loser playing the winner of the elimination final.

Semi-Final 1: Dingley Bypass v Jurassic Havok

This game saw an arm wrestle go back and forth. Dingley Bypass took the lead in the first half with some nifty ball carrying. They went into halftime with a 0-0. Both teams dogged defense, keeping the other out. The 2nd half got underway with Jurassic Havok kicking to Dingley Bypass. The drive would see Dingley Bypass cross the line for a touchdown taking the lead in the semi-final. We wouldn’t have to wait long however for a response with Jurassic Havok equalizing on turn 6. The final turns of the game would prove critical as Dingley Bypass would pull off a string of moves to take the lead in the dying seconds of the match and win with a final score of 2-1. The win sends Dingley Bypass straight to the Final to play the winner of the preliminary final.

Semi-Final 2: Cemetery Dropouts v The Pantheon

The Pantheon and Cemetery Dropouts faced off in a tantalizing elimination Semi-Final that featured the one and only Hakflem Scuttlespike, the legendary Gutter Runner suiting up for The Pantheon who, in round 8 suffered several casualties that would affect this game. Hakflem proved his value after Cemetery Dropouts took an early lead scoring on the crack back to take the game to halftime with the score at 1-1. The second half was a tug-o-war between two teams refusing to give an inch. The ball changed hands multiple times, Hakflem got taken out and Poppy, in a best on ground performance scored her second touchdown for the game in the dying seconds to eliminate The Pantheon and send Cemetery Dropouts into the preliminary final to face off against Jurassic Havok for a spot in the Grand Final next week against Dingley Bypass.

Preliminary Final: Cemetery Dropouts v Jurassic Havok

The preliminary final was a tight battle between two fierce teams. Each side demonstrated their credentials as worthy participants in next week's Grand Final. But alas, only one team could progress and in the end, it was the mangy dogs and their walking boneyard who broke the saurian menace. With seconds left on the clock and time running out The Cemetery Dropouts pulled out one final trick to score the game winning touchdown! Final score 2-1 to the Cemetery Dropouts.

With that result, the grand stage was set. Two teams piloted by two impeccable coaches guided their teams to the ultimate showdown. The prize? To be dubbed the inaugural Melbourne Blood Bowl Association champion!

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