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M.B.B.A. Premier League 2022 Rd 3 & 4 Wrap

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The conclusion of round 4 brings us to the halfway mark of the season, and what a season it is shaping up to be! The Cemetery Dropouts have torn up the league scoring a whopping 10 touchdowns and conceding only 1. At this point they’re definitely the team to beat. This was put into stark focus when the previously undefeated Jurassic Havoc got knocked off by The Osseous Tossers in round 4. The Necromantic Team are proving to be the quiet achievers of this league outscoring the whole competition with a combined total of 13 touchdowns over the first four games. A truly monumental statistic and one to keep an eye on as we approach the finals.

The top 4 is beginning to take shape with Dingley Bypass, Cemetery Dropouts and Jurassic Havoc making up the top 3 respectively. The only team in doubt is Vermin Herzog who have ground to a halt after their first two rounds. Only time will tell how this team shapes up as the season draws to its conclusion.

The rest of the competition is looking competitive. 4 teams are knocking on the door of the top 4 and good results over the next couple of rounds will propel these teams into the 4 and give them a real shot of consolidating those positions. Big rounds are coming up this coming weekend with a top 2 clash between Cemetery Dropouts and Dingley Bypass. This game will determine whether or not Cemetary Dropouts are the real deal or if the charging Dingley Bypass’ first round result was an outlier. Either way it looks to be a cracking matchup and a possible Grand Final preview. Can Sokol’s Scoundrel’s bounce back from a disappointing series of games after their strong first couple of rounds. Drawing to The Pantheon in their rebuilding phase and being comprehensively beaten by the Cemetery Dropouts must have stung and they’ll be sure to look to regain some ground as they challenge for finals.

Can Gronks Boyz continue their run of good form after their defensive display against Bone Lads in round 4. This team looks like it's finding its feet and cannot be discounted in the second half of the season. Speaking of Bone Lads, this team looks like they’re hitting their stride and should make a solid push up the table over the back half of the season.

As we move past the halfway mark and look towards the end of the season we ask ourselves, have we reached our potential? Did we do what we set out to do and how will we measure success? There will be some soul searching over the next few rounds and big questions will be asked. Can we answer them or will we be left scratching our heads wondering what happened. Only time will tell, but for now let’s get bloody!

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