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M.B.B.A. Premier League 2022 Rd 5 & 6 Wrap

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As the season enters its final stages, it's important to reflect on what's come before. We’ve seen teams get ground into the dirt, fouled out of the game, cracked upside the head and scored on like water running through a civ. Teams have risen and fallen like the big cheese at Easter and when the dust has settled on the final turns of round 6, one player type has dominated the league like no other. That's right, we’re talking about Werewolves. These furry bundles of joy like to run, play and run some more. But before we get to the werewolves of the league, let's discuss the winners and losers of rounds 5 & 6.

Round 5 - Top of the Pops

Round 5 saw the top of the table clash between Dingley Bypass and Cemetery Dropouts. Cemetery Dropouts holding the top spot by a thread with Dingley Bypass hot on their heels, they would have their work cut out for them to stave of the block/dodge/guard/mighty blow ladies from… Dingley?... This game played under dim lights at Fortress Melbourne saw a tight fought struggle between two great sides, a possible Grand Final preview. These two teams blocked, dodged and smashed their way through a clash that saw Dingley Bypass take an early lead, the Dropouts 'claw’ it back and then a late flourish and some nifty play seeing Dingley Bypass seal the deal with a late touchdown for a 2-1 win. The win here sees Dingley Bypass claim top spot from a rampant Cemetery Dropouts team and sending a clear message to the rest of the field that these ladies mean business.

Round 5 - Best of the Rest

Round 5 saw Bone Lads dispatch a valiant but ultimately ineffective Chaos Chosen side just beginning to gather its stride heading into the home stretch of the season. A final score of 2-1 showed the scoring potential of the boneheaded stunties and their brutish minions.

Jurassic Havoc showed again why they’re a team to be feared by putting the Gronks Boyz down 2-0. A solid performance by them consolidated their hold on 3rd going into round 6 with not a scratch on them. And Sokol’s Scoundrels, after getting put back in their place during rounds 3 & 4 showed again why they’re a true contender for finals by putting a leash on The Osseous Tossers, successfully containing their rampant werewolves for the match with a score of 2-1.

Round 6 - Pick up Sticks

Round 6 began with the Bone Lads cleanly dispatching of the Gold Diggers in a neat 2-0 display of control and dominance. This marks a drastic turn around for the Bone Lads as they finish the day with 2-0 wins. Charting the course of their results this season paints a picture of a team on the upswing. Woe betide their round 7 & 8 opponents. The Osseous Tossers sent a clear message to the rest of the field with an emphatic victory over Gronks Boyz. The dominance of the Werewolves this season continues to be emphasized with a combined count of 8 touchdowns over two rounds. The final game day of the season looks set to be a roller coaster ride for the 3rd and 4th spots in the top four. The midfield is tight and with two games to play it's anyone's season.

In other rounds The Pantheon came alive against Jurassic Havoc applying ball pressure, forcing turnovers and capitalising for the touchdowns. A brief scare early in the 2nd half gifted Jurassic Havoc a sniff, but that was quickly shutdown by a pack of beastmen who smelled blood. A win here sees The Pantheon step into 4th only needing Sokol’s Scoundrel’s to lose to Dingley Bypass to sit on the cusp of finals on the slimmest of goal difference margins.

Dingley Bypass held on to a hard fought game against Sokol’s Scoundrels to claim top spot from Cemetery Dropouts, but this two horse race for top spot isn’t over. Both teams need to win both games to remain on top, and with barely a game between them this will go down to the wire.

No one can say how this season will end, but we can all be assured that it will be a violent and bloody end. When the dust settles and the whistles are put away there will be no doubt that for the teams competing in the first MBA Premiere League that the journey has just begun.

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