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ulead photoimpact x3 is an image editing application. you can use it for almost any type of image editing task. whether you want to create a frame for your photo or want to edit your photo then this software will suit your needs.


well, i personally don't think so. but we can make them look better than you can, right? with our photoimpact 10, you can now take control of your photographs in a fun and easy way. it's the fastest way to enhance your photo collection and create stunning digital images. whether you are a pro or a casual user, photoimpact 10 provides you with all the tools you need to effortlessly create the perfect images.

we're always asking ourselves how we can make photoimpact better. that's why we created photoimpact 10, which delivers stunning images with fewer clicks, more efficiency, and even more fun. you'll use photoimpact to change the look of your photographs in many ways, including lightening and darkening, enhancing or removing shadows and red-eye, adding special effects and more. with photoimpact 10, you can even easily add text to your images.

to begin editing a photo in photoimpact 10, simply select the image and click the edit button. once the photo is open, you can click the effects button to apply photo effects to your images. if you'd like to adjust your image manually, simply click the adjust button. you'll then have access to a number of popular editing tools, including lightening or darkening, shifting, cropping and other tools you need to create a new and unique look for your images. if you prefer to use a brush, click the brush button to launch the brush editor. you'll be able to draw and paint on your image to create a stunning new look.


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