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RFXpress is a software package that digitally synthesizes modulated baseband, IF, and RF signals taking signal generation to new levels by fully exploiting the wideband signal generation capabilities of the AWG7000 Series arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs).

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Engineers can build signals symbol-by-symbol to create a complete OFDM frame or let the RFXpress software choose default values for some signal aspects. The AWG/RFXpress combo supports a variety of data coding formats that include Reed Solomon, Convolution, and Scrambling.

Users also have the ability to define each subcarrier in the symbol which can be configured independently for type, modulation, and base data. The RFXpress software gives visibility into all aspects of the OFDM signal by providing a symbol table that gives a summary of all the carriers in the selected symbol.

The RFXpress software gives users complete control over the characteristics of their UWB signals including the preamble synchronization sequences, cover sequences, and TFCs. For WiMedia applications all six band groups (BG1 to BG6) can be generated in either IQ, IF, or direct RF signals, giving users 3 different options for creating/up-converting the signals when using an AWG7000 instrument.

Rise times, pulse shapes, delays, and aberrations can all be controlled with the AWG7000 Series instruments. When used in conjunction with the SerialXpress software package, engineers are provided control over every aspect of their digital signals reaching speeds of up to 6 Gb/s. This is exactly what is needed for rigorous receiver testing requirements.

The RFXpress (RFX100) software package utilizes the raw AWG performance to simplify the creation of RF signals. Supporting a wide range of modulation schemes, the software is flexible enough to create either generic or propriety signals for digital communication systems. Power ramping, frequency hopping, and impairments can easily be added to generate the desired signal.

Radar Signal Creation is a software module for RFXpress that gives you the ultimate flexibility in creating pulsed radar waveforms. It gives you the ability to build your own radar pulse suite starting from pulse-to-pulse trains to pulse groups. It supports a variety of modulation schemes including LFM, Barker and Polyphase Codes, User-defined Codes, Step FM, Nonlinear FM, User-defined FM, and Custom modulation. It also has the ability to generate pulse trains with staggered PRI to resolve range and doppler ambiguity, frequency hopping for Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM), and pulse-to-pulse amplitude variation to simulate Swerling target models including antenna scan patterns, clutter, and multipath effects. RFXpress is a powerful easy-to-use software package to synthesize IQ and IF signals for arbitrary waveform generators. It runs as an integral part of the AWG5000 Series or from an external PC.


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