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Native Instruments Kontakt 501 STANDALONE AU VST RTAS MAC OS X _VERIFIED_

Its been a long time coming, but MOTU's new über-sampler looks as if it was worth the wait.For many DP users, upgrading to MachFive 2 will be a no-brainer. As I've mentioned many times before in Performer Notes, effects and virtual instruments plug-ins available in DP's native MAS format are preferable by far when it comes to long-term stability and reliability. Also, despite its 'universal' credentials, it's inevitable that MachFive 2 will come to be seen as 'DP's sampler', and I wonder if at some stage it might even be offered in a bundle with DP, to go head-to-head with the Logic/EXS24 combo. And if you already own MOTU's Ethno or Symphonic Instrument (or any of the Plugsound libraries) the new MachFive will be able to open and edit those.

Native Instruments Kontakt 501 STANDALONE AU VST RTAS MAC OS X

It models hardware guitar amps to give you a variety of guitar tones, from warm to gritty to fuzzy to funky. It includes vintage amps, and plugins from native instruments and Softube, so whether you want to create tones for jazz, metal, rock n roll, or pop, native instruments offer the right and versatile guitar rig.


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