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Who Killed Sara

Parting Shot: After a mysterious texter tells Alex that Rodolfo might not have killed Sara, he turns just in time to see gunshots come through his windows. As he hides, he contemplates just how dangerous his seeking revenge is going to be.

Who Killed Sara

Sara Harvey finally met a sticky end on Pretty Little Liars just when it looked like maybe she wasn't all bad. She was clearly caught up in the thick of the plotting going on in Rosewood, so her sudden death is pretty shocking. But who killed Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars?

The obvious answer to who killed Sara seems like aforementioned red herring, Jenna Marshall. Sara's concern over Emily was very upsetting to Jenna, but Sara didn't seem to view Jenna as a threat. It's possible that Jenna was the one who took Sara out for getting too close to revealing too much to Emily, but it seems more likely that there's a bigger threat behind everything. That's usually how it goes in Rosewood. In fact, Sara very nearly revealed to Emily who the real threat is before Jenna cut her off. 041b061a72


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