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The Hunt BeginsHunting Hitler : Season 1 Episode 1

  • Web Original In the Red Panda Adventures episode "There Will Be Rain Tonight", the Home Team, along with Col. Fitzroy are assassinated when a spy leaks the identities of the heroes to the Nazis.

  • Red vs. Blue: In the Season 13 premiere, Felix and Locus hijack a prison ship and invite the prisoners to work for them. They tell anybody who agrees to work for them to hold onto their cell bars. Then they open the airlock, causing the dissenters and any of the prisoners who were too weak to be sucked out into space. Locus even refers to it as The Purge.

  • From the same season is another "Purge", though this one cooked by long-gone alien Precursors. The artifacts and technology left all over Chorus were only supposed to fall into the hands of the "worthy". Whoever claims the Great Key can choose to initiate the Purge if the people on the planet are UN-worthy, and all sentient life outside the Purge temple would be exterminated. This ends up being the ultimate goal for Charon's mercs when they hear about it.

  • In The Falcon Cannot Hear, several of the factions in the Second American Civil War do this: General MacArthur's military junta government rounds up left-wing politicians and several of his own commanders after another general attempts a counter-coup.

  • The Left faction of the Provisional Government/Blues, hearing a rumor that the Right faction is about to purge them, commit their own purge. Though this one is less violent than the others, less "We're throwing you in jail", more "We're not gonna let you have any real power".

  • The American Soviet Republic implement their own purge after the East Coast soviets form the Workers' Collective and ally with the Blues.

  • The Whites have one after a group of generals attempt to launch a coup against Huey Long over his regime's alliance with the Klu Klux Klan and overall fascistic nature. And again after Eisenhower defects to the ASR with several thousand soldiers and concentration-camp inmates. Among those targeted in the second purge is George Patton, who ironically enabled the first purge by selling out the conspirators.

  • The New Deal Coalition Retained timeline gives us the aftermath of the December Coup, which sees Stalinist hardliners seizing control of the USSR from the reformers in power. Following this, the coup members begin eliminating all potential enemies who might launch a counter-coup, though they rely less on violence and more on imprisonment, house arrest, and reassignment to powerless positions. On the other hand, their co-conspirators throughout the Warsaw Pact (especially in Poland) are significantly less restrained, carrying out mass executions and "disappearances". Inverted in Romania, where it's the moderates who stay in power by preemptively purging the hardliners instead. Brazil undergoes one after a failed coup by a group of military officers during World War III.

  • When Vladimir Zhirinovsky decides to secede Irkutsk from the Soviet Union, he has every KGB agent and political officer in his territory massacred.

  • In early 1991, facing total defeat in WWIII, the increasingly delusional Soviet leadership enact massive purges of moderates in the governments and militaries of all Warsaw Pact nations still under Communist control in order to try and maintain control.

  • In A More Personal Union, after Red Tiger takes over China, he almost immediately starts eliminating all "enemies of the people", which he defines as nobles, bureaucrats, scholars, and people who wear shoes.

  • The Footprint of Mussolini: Stalin, as per real life, carries these out in both political and military circles whenever he's feeling particularly angry or paranoid. This later expands to enacting a Second Holocaust against the Soviet Union's Jewish population.

  • After Himmler takes over Germany following Hitler's assassination in Operation Valkyrie, he emulates Stalin's policy of having anyone even remotely suspected of opposition to his regime executed.

  • After Pavelić is ousted from power in Croatia, his Ustashe loyalists are systemically eliminated to ensure there isn't a counter-coup.

  • Following Lebanon's willful annexation into the UAR, Aflaq enacts a purge of anyone suspected of supporting a restoration of Lebanese independence, starting at parliament and working his way down to the rest of the country.

The Hunt BeginsHunting Hitler : Season 1 Episode 1



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