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Geometria 1 Sernesi Bollati Boringhieri 35.pdf

Geometria 1 Sernesi Bollati Boringhieri 35.pdf

Geometria 1 is a textbook of geometry written by Edoardo Sernesi, a professor of mathematics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The book was published by Bollati Boringhieri in 2000 and is part of the Programma di matematica fisica elettronica series. The book covers topics such as affine and projective geometry, linear algebra, vector spaces, matrices, determinants, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, quadratic forms, conics and quadrics, and more. The book is intended for students of mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science who want to learn the foundations of geometry and its applications.


The book has 480 pages and is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter contains definitions, theorems, proofs, examples, exercises, and historical notes. The book also has an appendix with solutions to some of the exercises and a bibliography with references to other books and articles on geometry. The book is written in a clear and rigorous style, with an emphasis on the logical structure and the geometric intuition behind the concepts. The book also uses a lot of diagrams and illustrations to help the reader visualize the geometric objects and their properties.

The PDF file of Geometria 1 Sernesi Bollati Boringhieri 35.pdf is a scanned copy of the second edition of the book. The file has a size of 18.5 MB and can be downloaded from various websites on the internet. Some of the websites that offer the PDF file are [Google Books], [PDFCOOKIE], and [DOKUMEN.TIPS]. However, these websites may not have the permission to share the file legally, so it is advisable to check the copyright status of the file before downloading it. Alternatively, one can buy the original book from online or offline bookstores or borrow it from libraries.


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