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Mastermind Use Of English Mini Companion.pdf

Mastermind Use of English Mini Companion.pdf

Mastermind Use of English Mini Companion is a supplementary book for students who are preparing for the C2 level exams in English. It is designed to accompany the main coursebook, Mastermind Use of English, which covers all the grammar and vocabulary topics required for the exams. The mini companion provides additional practice exercises, definitions, and examples for the words and phrases used in the coursebook.

The mini companion has been revised to reflect the changes in the revised edition of Mastermind Use of English, which has been updated to match the current language usage and exam specifications. The mini companion also includes extra vocabulary practice exercises after every two units, as well as a glossary of abbreviations and symbols used in the book.

Mastermind Use Of English Mini Companion.pdf

The mini companion is divided into 26 units, each corresponding to a unit in the coursebook. Each unit consists of four sections:

  • Topic Vocabulary: This section introduces the vocabulary related to the topic of the unit, such as business, education, health, etc. It also explains the meaning and usage of phrasal verbs, words easily confused, collocations, and word formation.

  • Grammar: This section reviews the grammar points covered in the unit, such as verb tenses, modal verbs, conditionals, etc. It also provides examples and exercises to practice the grammar rules.

  • Use of English: This section focuses on the skills and strategies needed for the use of English part of the exam, such as multiple choice, cloze test, word transformation, etc. It also provides tips and hints on how to approach the exam questions.

  • Vocabulary Practice: This section provides additional exercises to consolidate and expand the vocabulary learned in the unit. It also includes synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and expressions related to the topic.

The mini companion is a useful resource for students who want to improve their use of English and prepare for the C2 level exams. It can be used either in class or for self-study. It can be downloaded as a PDF file from [this link] or purchased as a printed book from [this website].


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